Working with Studio 3T

Export Studio 3T’s Export tools let you send your MongoDB data to many destinations, from JSON and CSV files and even direct to other MongoDB databases. Ask here about how to get your data to where you want it to go. Aggregation Got questions about Aggregation? This is the category for you. From using the Studio 3T Aggregation Editor to the best use of the MongoDB Aggregation framework, ask here. IntelliShell The IntelliShell is the smart heart of Studio 3T. Ask here about how to get the best out of its autocompleting, query-assisting powers, or any other shell related questions you may have. Import Studio 3T’s Import tools let you bring in data from a wide range of sources. So, what do you want to import today? Ask here for hints and tips on bringing data in from JSON, CSV, SQL and more.
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