What's New in Studio 3T 2021.9 | Popup Visual Query Builder and Aggregation

Headline features

Visual Query Builder now automatically appears in the Collections Tab whenever you start dragging any field in the Table or Tree views. The change means you can go straight to building queries with just a click and a swipe.

An animation of the Auto popup Visual Query Builder in Studio 3T 2021.9

Aggregation Index Hints are now configurable from the Options tab in the Aggregation Editor. This allows you to tune aggregation performance by specifying an index to use when loading the pipeline with documents. You can easily select a simple reverse order collection scan, pick a particular index to use or, if you want, create an index specification document to more precisely define the first pass that aggregation makes to fill the pipeline.

SQL Migration is more flexible in this release as Studio 3T now lets the user change the source of a previously configured MongoDB to SQL migration. This enables the easier reuse of migrations by making it simpler to change existing sources on existing or duplicated migration tasks. Mappings related to the original source are automatically remapped to the new source.

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