What's New in Studio 3T 2022.1 - SQL Connection Import/Export, MongoDB-AWS

Studio 3T 2022.1 is the January release of Studio 3T and we’ve been working on some carefully selected features. First up, the SQL Connection Manager is coming to the fore with its own menu item and export and import capabilities. Then there’s MONGODB-AWS authentication support, a feature for MongoDB Atlas users who log into their clusters using IAM roles. We’ve also added in a new operator in the Visual Query Builder, made Connection Groups exportable and made the Operations Pane more informative. So, here’s the full rundown:

Headline features

SQL Connections are now available for exporting and importing using the SQL Connection Manager. The SQL Connection Manager is also more visible with a Manage SQL Connections option available in the File menu. Previously you could only get to it through the SQL Import/Export and Migration tools.

Exporting SQL Connections with Studio 3T 2022.1

AWS IAM credentials are now available for use by MongoDB Atlas users. The connections authentication tab includes a new authentication mechanism, MONGODB-AWS that supports AWS IAM credentials. The option allows you to enter an AWS access key ID and a secret access key for a MongoDB enabled IAM role. Refer to the Atlas IAM documentation on how to configure IAM roles that work with MongoDB.

Visual Query Builder now supports the $slice operator in projections. This lets you project a specific number of elements from an array into your results.

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